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Alright, here's the deal folks. I was in this little community a while ago as both _candyxcunt and _puppetmistress. But then I left LiveJournal for a while due to some personal issues, but am back. (Woo). So here I am again, rejoining this radass community. I actually missed it.

If you were on my friends lists from my old journals, add me again so I can remember who my friends were. =P

And I figured I'd post this again, cause you know, new people join everyday.

Name (and post a pic. if possible): (I like my nickname more) Destructo and pics can be found here.
Age: 16
Location: Maryland
Nikki or Tommy: NIKKI! Though it was a really tough choice.
How long have you liked Mötley Crüe?: I don't know, a while. One of my dad's favorite bands so he played them a lot when I was younger.
Fave Mötley Crüe memory: I don't really have one yet. I'm a loser.
Fave Crüe album: Well, I have to say Red, White and Crüe cause it's got all the good songs, but I guess if I had to say something else, Shout at the Devil cause Bastard is one kickass song.
Fave Crüe video: Wildside, Same Ol Situation, or Dr. Feelgood
Fave Crüe song and a verse or two of the lyrics: Wildside - "Hollywood dream teams, yesterday's trash queens. Save the blessings for the final ring, amen." I don't know why I love that line.
Will you be seeing Mötley Crüe in their upcoming "Red White and Crüe" tour? YES! Thank God. I can't wait. (August 13th!)
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