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I don't know if anyone's heard of this, but on August 14th (I believe) on Comedy Central is the roast of Pamela Anderson.

Tommy has to be there...right? I's Pam.

So yeah, thought I'd share that with people, mark it on your calendars folks.
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yeah tommy is the musical guest... but i'm sure he'll roast her too... lol
Looks like I need a blank tape. =P
hahaha i know right?!! i think that whole week is going to need a blank tape!
Hells yes!

And as if it couldn't get better, I'll be seeing the Crüe on the 13th.
Nice! haha i need to wait about a week for my concert it's on the 21st
That sucks; but at least you get to see 'em, right? =P

I'm friggin dying though; don't know how much longer I can wait. I'm like Beavis in the Beavis and Butthead Do America movie, you know, when he was on the plane taking all the old lady's medication.
Hhahahahaha... yeah TOTALLY!!! i saw them back in March... it was magical! haha
Magical's a great word for them. =P What's going to be great about the show is that my mom's going, and she's in love with Tommy, and she's already said she's going to scream louder than she ever has.
thats awesome you could bring your mom! haha... my mom would flip!!! Though she does think tommy is a "very Handsome man"!
For some reason the "very handsome man" made me laugh. I'm a nerd. =D

My mom's so rad, she's the one who found the Tommy and Pam video and let me watch it cause she knows how much I like love him. It's kinda dorky, but I don't care. =P
Yeah my mom's old school lol!! Thats awesome!!!
you're going to the show in Manchester?!
Yes i am! :)
Me too!!! I live like 15 minutes from Manchvegas! I'm so so excited! I don't know if you've ever been to the Verizon Center but, dude...there really aren't any horrible seats there. The arena is pretty small! :)
Whoo!!! thats awesome!!! The last Crue concert I went to was in March and that was at fleet... we had seats that blocked Tommy.... The speakers were in the way!!! Thank god for the Tittie cam... otherwise i would have cried!! lol
I went to the show in Boston too! I'm so excited to see them again! The show at the Fleet was amazing! I was in the 9th row! But I managed to push my way up to the front! :) I'm kinda pissed there is an opening band this time though! GAH.
I know!!! i want my 2 hour motley!!! haha all the more reason to buy a bunch of crap while the opening bands play lol
agh looks like I'll have to set the VCR to record it!
I'm seeing Crue the same night ooooh yeah.
Sweet. I'll be seeing them the night before.

And I bet you don't know who this is! (_candyxcunt who then became _puppetmistress)

I'll add ya for my new journal. =D
sweeet you are so added.