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So I went and saw the Crüe on Saturday (details are in my livejournal), and I know this is a community for Nikki and Tommy, but my mom said something so funny about Vince that I had to share it with you Crüe fans.

You know how Vince has a bit of a round belly? Well, on the way back from the show, I was babbling about the things I would do if I ever met them, and my mom said that she'd have to grab Vince's stomach, start jiggling it and say: "Budha Budha Budha". And it may not be funny to you, but to see her doing the hand motion and shit, it was hilarious.

But yeah, Tommy Lee on Regis and Kelly this And the Roast last TV just can't get enough of this man. Nikki needs to be on more things though. *pouts*
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