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I found this in my local paper today:

Leslie Gray Streeter
Cox News Service.

People love to give Fox and its blissfully awful reality shows a hard time, but NBC's equally adept at the notoriously tacky nonscripted drama.
So you'll be just as suprised as I was that the Peacock Network's classiest entry inot the reality game stars proudly loud rocker/unintentional adult video star/ human doodle pad Tommy Lee/
The once and future Motley Crue drummer heads to Cornhusker Country as a University of Nebraska freshman on Tommy Lee Goes To College, a hilariously sweet journey into the halls of higher learning, hot babe tutors and the cruel reality that classes mostly take place during the daylight hours.
Although the experiment does deliever the heavey-metal-fis-out-of-Jack-Daniels-flavored-water vibe I'm sure the network was looking for the show in it's mainly successful because it ignores some of the basic reality rules that make the medium so tedious and writes it's own.
Lessons the producers of Tommy Lee Goes To College can teach other reality shows:
Lesson 1: Have a hero you actually like. It's refreshing, of once, to have a show centered around a goofy but likable guy like Tommy Lee. He's like a tattooed puppy dog, eager to please, ready for fun but also-and this is important-serious about doing well.
Lesson 2: Acknowledge that you're a cheesy reality show. Tommy Lee is refreshingly up-front with the setup: The rocker strolls through campus signing autographs between calsses and talks about his career with Crue.
Lesson 3: Stick with the premise. So far, it's been blissfully free of stupid twists that some producer cooked up because the initial concept tanked. Here, you get to focus on the deliciousness of this world famous rock star learning about GPA's (he's initially unimpressed with his roomate Matt's 3.5, until he realizes it's out of 4.0, not 10), crack-of-dawn marching band practice and the joys of English class. He's having a ball learning, and we're having a ball watching.
Lesson 4: Have some honest emotion stakes. Rich and famous rock star Tommy Lee's life isn't going to be forever wrecked if he doesn't pass physics. Actually, he wasn't even really enrolled but sort of auditing the classes. But the show does work if he doesn't try, and you can see on his still pretty face that he doesn't want to screw this up. He's especially hurt when he, as a world renowned drummer, can't get the marching band music or steps right. We man never be rich, famous or married to a hottie centerfold. But we've all tanked on something, and by taking that chance, Tommy Lee gets an A.

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