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...it's the same ol, same ol situation...

....same ol' ball and chain...

Terrör Twins
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From the decade of decadence, we give you the Terrör Twins...

Nikki Sixx
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Tommy Lee
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The Terrör Twins
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That kick ass band they're in...Mötley Crüe

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The rules:

1. No being a dick. If you don't like Nikki, Tommy or Crüe, dont bother posting anything negative. If you do, you'll only find yourself banned from this community and a whole bunch of Crüe Sluts looking for your ass. Oh and, your post will be deleted and you will be banned from this community as well.

2. No legit fighting over who is hotter. Joking around is alright but, know when to stop. They're both sexy. Period.

3. No drama between members. If you wanna fight, take it outside of the community. Any person starting shit will be banned. There's no tolerance for drama. That is not what this is about.

4. Anything not relating to Tommy, Nikki or Crüe will be deleted. You have personal journals for a reason.

5. If you're gonna promote, it's cool. Just put it behind an LJ-cut with "Promo" as the subject, that way if people dont want to look at it, they dont have to. Any promo NOT behind a cut, will be deleted.

6. Please put any large pictures behind an LJ-cut.

7. Please answer the survey below just so the mods can keep track of who everyone is!

Name (and post a pic. if possible):
Nikki or Tommy:
How long have you liked Mötley Crüe?:
Fave Mötley Crüe memory:
Fave Crüe album:
Fave Crüe video:
Fave Crüe song and a verse or two of the lyrics:
Will you be seeing Mötley Crüe in their upcoming "Red White and Crüe" tour?

8. Have fun!

Welcome to the Theatre of Pain!

Head Crüe Slut (maintainer/creator):
Sugar xoxsugarbuttxox /x0xsugarbuttx0x

Crüe Sluts ( mods):
Erika erikagoo
Star starrygirl604